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Visions from Nature

11 Textile Artists from Finland

The Korean Fashion Center, Daegu March 22 - April 21, 2001
Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul September 21 - October 14, 2001

At Total Museum of Contemporary Art, the Finnish Textile Art Exhibition consists of works by eleven world- renowned textile artists. Setting nature as its central theme, the exhibition displays each individual artist's unique interpretation of the lights, colors and life of the Finnish nature. The artists utilize common objects found in everyday life to display their artistic interpretations.

A work of textile art in Finland can be a freely standing sculpture, a relief, a painting or a translucent partition. It can also be a statement on the present world made of recycled textiles or an embroidered portrait. In principle, the current materials of art textiles can be anything from natural fibers to mined mica schist. Alongside traditional techniques artists are using the means of sculpture, painting, graphic art and photography, or even techniques of their own invention.

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