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Korean music Concert

An Invitation to Korean Traditional music 2005
유럽에 전하는 한국 음악-핀란드, 덴마크, 에스토니아

Korean Traditional music has presented by young Korean musicians named Jeonggaakhoe along with the sound of Korean traditional instrument such as Komungo, Kajagum, Piri, Hagum, Danso, Daegum, Janggu. JeongGaAkHoe (Korean Traditional Music Players) is an ambitious ensemble with brand-new artistic sense established in 2000. It creates new songs and specializes in Gagok (Korean traditional vocal music appreciated by the scholars) It strives to meet with people through poems and music, and continues to improve with society they live in. They stress the philosophic content and care about original sound and form of Korean Ancient music.

In Cooperation with
Korean traditional music instrument show these sound

Jeong Ga Ak Hoe’s most notable point is that it does not use the synthesizer, an essential electronic instrument for Gugak chamber music groups. Jeong Ga Ak Hoe managed to stay upright despite the strong wind of the New Age, Crossover, and Fusion trend blowing across the Gugak world. It demonstrated itself as a big tree with deep roots. Jeong Ga Ak Hoe introduces itself saying it is a group based on the internal value and philosophical meaning of Jeongga, Korean traditional vocal music, and is dedicated to developing a new musical culture.It also said, its members are actively engaging in music to communicate and share between people and between music.