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Lappset oy, Gopingpong, Kari Virtanen, K8
Spongy space by Line Dyrholm, Split by Gopingpong
Dance Art Film: Emotions in Man by Kati Aberg. Choreography and dance: Jyrki Kartunen

Children’s play

Nordic Art & Design Exhibition

06-30 November 2006
at Korea Foundation Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea
Exhibition, Seminar, Workshop for children and Young people

The project brings the Nordic achievements in the field of design and art education for the children to Korea. An exhibition, seminar, workshop and films will be presented at the Korea Foundation Center in Seoul, Korea, on November 2006, and will continue to other cities of Korea on 2007

Successful art and design education encourages children’s aesthetic sensitivity, a developed emotional life, and the skill of observation. Moreover, attention has to be paid to the physical environment, the architecture and interior design of schools, play grounds and public places.

Amie Ann (AeKyung An)

Kati Aberg, Finnish art film director
Martin Fougner, Designer, K8, Industrial design company, Norway
Hannu Ylinenpaa, Lappset Oy Region Director
Yoon Kum-Jin, Director, Korea Foundation cultural center
Line Dyrholm, Designer from Aarhus Denmark

Participating Designer, artist, Institution
Lappset Oy, Playground facilities for children from Finland
K8, Industrial design company from Oslo Norway “New and Humoristic concept”
Kari Virtanen, Nikari Oy from Fiskars, Finland
Kati Aberg Finnish art film director, installation art space for dancing children
Gopingpong design team from Copenhagen Denmark
Line Dyrholm, Designer from Aarhus Denmark
Sami Rinne, Ceramist, Jyvaskyla, Finland
Woodi children’s furniture company, Kuopio Finland
Charlotte Karlsson, designer from Sweden
Mikko Karkkainen Tunto Design from Finland
Ilona Rista, artist from Finland
Guest students from Design department of the School of visual arts, The Korean National University of Arts