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Exhibition at Norsk Form Merja Winqvist/ Mobil Amie Ann/ Winter forest

Paper & Meaning 2006

Paper- Ancient Material and New Meaning


The Project is currently being processed. Norway and Korea will host the exhibition Paper & Meaning 2006 in cooperation with Norsk Form, Oslo, Moss By-og industrimuseum, Norway, Goyang Cultural Foundation, Korea and PanAsia paper museum, Korea( Norske Skog).

The project Paper & Meaning exposed in Finland 2004 at first, produced workshops, seminar and exhibition as a meeting room for two different traditions,old and new. The practical idea and program can be developed regarding host countries. There are two different concept of objects, which will be displayed at the exhibition for representation of Korean paper objects and Contemporary art and design objects from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Korea.

Collaborators 2006
Invited Artists and Designers
Funding /sponsoring 2004-2006