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Korean Home

The way of living

At the Museum of Cultures, National Museum of Finland, Helsinki.
02 April-30 December 2007

Eija Maija Kotilainen, Director, Museum of Cultures, National museum of Finland
Amie Ann (AeKyung An), Curator, Visual artist
Kati Aberg, Film director
Jeon Yong-Il, Designer, Professor, Kookmin University
Kim BongYeol, Architect, Professor, Korean National University of Arts

The Korean exhibition will be held at the Museum of Cultures, National museum of Finland 02 April-30 December 2007. The main idea of the Korean exhibition is to present Korean culture towards an understanding of everyday life in Korea.
The exhibition is a creation of Korean, and thus shows how a great number of Koreans see themselves and world outside Korea.

The concept of the exhibition

  1. The spiritual landscape of the Korean-mountains in Korean thought
    Korean Buddhism- Buddhism greatly gave rise to the Korean aesthetic philosophy Buddhist though as revealed in Temple architecture
  2. Korean traditional home and Korean living way of today
    The structure of the traditional house reveals KoreanĀ“s choice to live in unison with nature: utilizing materials found in nature (wood, stone, paper) and a complementary relationship between the lines created by nature and those produced by man e.g. the construction of the house.
    In the metropolitan city of Seoul and in other cities and towns as well as, the overwhelming uniform design of high rise apartment complexes creates a monotones architecture which is out of balance with the neighboring structures and natural landscape
  3. Korean design, inspiration from traditional handcraft
    The act of striving for the expression of the innate beauty in objects rather than reaching for superficial aesthetic material for the exhibition. From this exhibition will given an image of Korea, an understanding of the Korean mind, and sense of identity of ancestors.

It is currently being processed and improving the idea