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Nordic Design that contains living philosophy of Nordic countries

At Total Museum of Contemporary art 토탈 미술관, 1 May - 24 May 2009 Photo, Workshop

Nordic design exhibition starts 1st May and will be opened until the 24 May 2009. The exhibition focuses on design as an interactive medium by initiator and curator Amie Ann(AeKyung An)

Curator's eyes

Why do we focus on Nordic design today?
The answer that I found as a curator specialized in this field is in Nordic European’s high standard for everyday design characterized as simple, functional yet stylish.
What makes this philosophy unique is the esteem for traditional values, pure nature and a sense of close community.
Everyone visiting Café bar Nordic can have a warm cup of coffee with designed products. By actually using those pieces, people will get an idea of Nordic design that considers everyday use, equality, culture and human being.

I have tried to look through the eyes of a child to learn the goal of children’s education in Nordic countries. From my experiences in Finland, I have realized that the most important aim in children’s education is letting children build up their own individuality and creativity in unrestricted free environment.
This exhibition and the workshop will be a great opportunity to see specific cases from Nordic countries where children can experience art & design in everyday life and develop creative thinking.

This exhibition and the workshop for children’s creativity is organized by Sonoann Organization in cooperation with Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Annantalo Art Center, Helsinki, and the Hope institute, Embassies of Finland, Norway, Denmark in Korea.