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At Design Museum, Helsinki 18 March - 29 May 2011 Photo
At Craft Museum of Finland, 8 June - 4 December 2011

The theme of Korean Design is the encounter of tradition and the modern. This exhibition considers the specific present-day contribution of traditional time-honoured Korean crafts, and the striking features of contemporary Korean design.

The exhibition displays traditional crafts culture and modern design in the Korean context demonstrating it with background information, video clips and photographs presenting the work of designers. Comparing skilled practitioners of traditional Korean crafts with Finnish crafts persons, we can consider how tradition affects their work in their respective settings and societies in the modern world. Some of the works are by highly trained professionals and designers, while others are by ordinary rural dwellers. Also on show will be examples of the evolution of Samsung's high-technology products, which have outlined a new course for this industry by continuously offering technologies of expression to serve artistic inspiration.

Curator: Amie Ann (AeKyung An)

Participants: Hyungman Lee, Kwangwoong Lee, SeYoung Lee, Sanghee Yoon, Minshik Ahn, Changyoung Park, Hyungbak Park, Sooah Kim, Duk hwan Kim, Kiho Kim, Sewon Min, Youngwon Yang, Pilmu Yu, Byungryon Lee, Kwanghyo Chang, Minjae Choi, JoonChoi, KwangJuYo, Monodesign, Jongchul Park, Myungok Im, Samsung Electronics

Time and place: Design Museum, Helsinki 18 March–29 May 2011
Craft Museum of Finland 8 June-4 December 2011