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Architecture & Design from the Nordic Countries to Seoul 22 OCTOBER 2013–16 FEBRURARY 2014
At Seoul Metropolitan Government–Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)

The exhibition “NORDIC PASSION :Architecture & Design from the Nordic Countries” will take place in SeMA (Seoul Museum of Art) Seoul Korea from 22 October 2013 to 16 February 2014. Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) is one of the most representative public museums in Seoul. The museum is a place for culture and art, which plans exhibitions that draw the interests from both professionals and the general public.

The five Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland – are known for their deep democratic ethos, social equality, welfare, innovation and clean nature. Nordic design is characteristically minimalistic, simple and functional, with a clear sense of purpose.

NORDIC PASSION is an engaging, vibrant meeting point of Nordic ideas, design concepts and social innovations.

Organizers and Partners

NORDIC PASSION is organized by Sonoann Organization
Art director and curator Amie Ann (AeKyung An) invited by City of Seoul
Producers: Pinja Nousiainen, Outi Järvinen, Yang Yujin

EXHIBITION SPACE is created by
FORTUNEN AS, Norwegian Architects Company
ANTTI YLI-TEPSA, Museum of Contemporary Art, KIASMA Finland






Why Nordic design? Themes of the Exhibition

Design is a current topic in Korea. High standard of living makes life easier, but unreasonable consumption and thoughtlessness create environmental and ethical problems.

The project presents a Nordic viewpoint to the topic. The inspiring exhibition illustrates the Nordic Design philosophy and view of life.

Five themes of the exhibition are:

Concept of the exhibition

Special focus is on the education of younger generations. In addition to introducing themes of innovative school architecture, public building and experimental urban spaces, the project also creates links between design students in the Nordic countries and Korea, and provides hands-on learning opportunities for the public in open workshops – promoting the idea of learning by doing.

NORDIC PASSION is not only an exhibition event, it is also a platform for cross-cultural sharing and understanding. Through the presentation of contemporary Nordic ideas, the project aims to inspire and activate the Nordic way: by generosity, humanity and democracy.

In order to increase awareness, the workshops and seminars during the exhibition present the Nordic ideas of art and design education to the Korean audience. NORDIC PASSION brings together Nordic organizations and designers whose philosophy is to design and manufacture durable and safe public spaces of high quality and fun.

NORDIC PASSION looks at how the Nordic ideals are transformed into contemporary architecture and design.

NORDIC PASSION spans across exhibition spaces inside the museum as well as outdoor and public spaces in Seoul. Exhibition will include architecture and design for public spaces, school buildings, and innovations in social inclusion, outdoor wood constructions, arts and crafts, urban gardening and design artifacts from all Nordic countries.

Educational Program

“Learning by Doing”

Educational programs will run during the exhibition period. Educational programs will be developed for students of architecture and design, as well as for the public. Many educational events will be intended for families. Educational program includes seminars, workshops and lectures.

Other Events and Activities

Live performances, films and other activities will be organized during the exhibition, both in SeMA and other locations in Seoul. The content of the performances and activities will be linked to the general theme.

Pop-up Shop

During the exhibition, there will also be a pop-up shop of Nordic design at SeMA.

The pop-up shop will contain a changing array of innovative design items from Nordic designers, providing an appealing dimension of the exhibition for the general public.