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Immersed in Craft, Art and Design

2 September - 22November 2015 at Gwangju Museum of Art

2015년 9월2일-11월 22일 광주시립미술관

Invited curator Amie Ann(초청 큐레이터 안애경)


Nordic Spirit is a design exhibition that highlights wellbeing – the Nordic way.

Nordic wellbeing is about two things: how people feel, and how they function in their lives.
It is about more than just ‘happiness’ or ‘being well’.

Nordic Spirit provides a journey into Nordic wellbeing through design. The exhibition creates the base for understanding Nordic design as a synthesis of feeling, function and esthetics.

NORDIC SPIRIT is a special theme of the exhibition for Gwangju Design Biennale 2015


Curator Amie Ann( AeKyung An), Invited curator, Sonoann Organization
Producers Outi Järvinen, Arts Management Helsinki
MinKyung Kim, Gwangju Museum of Art
Space Design Juri Karinen, Isku
Philip Tidwell, Aalto University Wood Program
Graphic design Juha Ilmari Laine and Sofia Palillo

In Cooperation with Embassies of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway in Korea

Participating Designers and Design Companies
Aalto University (Wood program), Katriina Nuutinen, Mikko Laakkonen, ISKU, Jyrki Valkola, Iittala, Jouko Järvisalo, Sara Pereyra,INNO, Artek, Fiskars, Antti Nykyri, Brynhildur Pálsdóttir, Gudfinna Mjöll Magnúsdóttir, Puríður Sigurþórsdóttir, Arne & Carlos, Vestre, Tapio Anttila, Merja Winqvist, Royal Copenhagen,Rodeo chair, Northern Lighting, Stokke, Pinja Puu, Michael Daae Christensen, Swedish Architecture Museum, Happy Sthlm, Henrik Enbom, Louis Poulsen, Marjo Hämäläinen, Panphonics, Sofia Palillo, Juha Ilmari Laine, Alma Jantunen, Saas Instruments, Johannes Rantasalo, Piret Kändler Madebymemm, Atle Tveit, Lars Tornøe, Pietari Kärki, Lampi Joonas Oskari, Sigrun Gilje Hindal, Anita Nalchen


In collaboration with Antti Olin, ISKU, Vestre and The Museum of Swedish Architecture
The exhibition will present how education is reflected in the architecture of contemporary Nordic schools and kindergartens. Furniture Design Company ISKU will create a school space and present classroom furniture with other design companies. See and experience how good school furniture makes a different environment in Nordic schools.

Urban Gardening is a tactic for more sustainable, inclusive cities. The Nordic light-filled, warm summer is ideal for independent gardening. Neighborhood gardens, pop-up farms and participatory gardening projects bring nature to our doorstep.

Vestre presents the BLOC sun bench for urban and outdoor environments. The BLOC sun bench has the same diagonal fold that is the instantly recognizable feature of the entire BLOC range of furniture. Vestre Bloc received the 2015 Award of Design Excellence. Design: Atle Tveit and Lars Tornøe.


The exhibition shows how design can inspire us to innovate and engage the community in a more sustainable direction. This part of the exhibition recreates a handful of spaces with Northern European approach to life. The exhibition features old household crafts and modern designer goods.
Ecological aspects are one of the most leading values in Tapio Anttila’s design. Simplicity, ascetic form language and functionality not forgetting subtle humor are the best words to describe his design.

The Rodeo chair is designed to stimulate movement and good health in children’s physique. As a direct result of physiotherapist Frode Skretting’s master thesis, the product translates the properties of the typical therapy ball to a distinct and beautiful sitting object.

Annual Rings 1994-2014 - The Wood Program at Aalto University
The exhibition presents each of the 30 projects designed and built by the Wood Program over the past 20 years. Each project is represented by one large photographic panel (printed on Finnish spruce) as well as drawings and diagrams. 16 of the these projects are represented in greater detail with wooden models which have been constructed by students in the program. In addition to the built projects, a selection of sixty wooden cubes line the walls of the gallery.

Fiskars, makers of the world famous orange scissors present ingenious Gardening Tools.
Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison, Norwegian respectively, established ARNE & CARLOS in 2002. Drawing on their traditional Scandinavian influences and their natural environment, they create original and visually striking knitwear. They seek to preserve the century‐old techniques while creating something modern and new.

Exhibition also includes:
The soul of grandma’s touch, filmed by Juha Ilmari Laine, Sofia Palillo
Handicrafts, the ancient tradition of creating things with your hands, by Sigrun Marie Torvestad
Knitting installation by Arne & Carlos and Marja Uusitalo, Taina Karttunen
Sustainable trash design for your everyday life by Henrik Enbom, Pinja Puu, Marjo Hämäläinen

Sara Pereyra creates a wall that will be used as an alternative space divider. This wall is not only used as a method to divide spaces but also it provides the users with a function. In this particular case the function of the divider is to grow herbs that people can use for cooking.


Nordic countries are known for their stunning scenery, a wealth of natural resources and long stretches of space and silence. In the exhibition, this serenity can be experienced through the innovative sound installation Grain and Rain by Antti Nykyri, supported by speaker manufacturer Panphonics. The sound installation composed and crafted by Antti Nykyri consists of electronic rain-like sounds and tones induced by walking on gravel.


Following the theme of sustainability, Amie Ann (represent Sonoann) will organize workshops using recycled materials and natural materials. Kids will have lots of fun creating art from recycled materials. It helps them to build creativity as well as make good use of their time instead of wasting time watching TV or using Smart phones excessively.

A cheerful approach to recycling can also benefit the environment and the community. Recycling helps conserve resources, save energy, reduce emissions and greenhouse gases, and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. Recycling household waste can be an essential element for sustainability. The educational programs of the exhibition encourage, educate and inspire the audience.

Knitting Graffiti
Trash Back Into Art (using recycled materials)
Animation workshop and installation
Films family heritage from grandparents
Ceramic Art
Glass blowing

Lecture & Seminar
Invited guests and contents will be updated
Performing Art/ Music and Dance performances

The details of the exhibition NORDIC SPIRIT will be updated
Please feel free to contact to Amie Ann, Invited curator and Art Director
Mobil +358 40 769 7742(Finland)
+ 82 10 2585 7677(Korea)